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Dear World!!!

Hi again. I know I did not update the blog in over 8 months ago but I was busy. I had family issues and still but I still enjoy security. I will give more information on my blog if people give back!!! I need help with a few of my ideas and none have been done…well my big ones that me and my friend have. Him and I are enthusiasts and bad coders. I have a few batch scripts that link here and no download…My bad. All are on

sorry for the loop back if you came from

already well me and my friend have an idea that needs help with a back-end MySQL server with many parts and or Ruby On Rails with a nice GUI. Also a OS hack idea and lastly a game me and a few friends want to create (first person shooter (campaign and online)) We need all back grounds have the ideas but stuck with the creative aspect of coding.

I will release a semi chart I don’t know yet but I will put some fundamentals of how people get in your system / server/ network. Also some tools to stop it and see if your  system / server/ network is or can be venerable to these kind of exploits.

Well talk to you all soon and if you want to contact me leave it in the coments/

Keep safe in the battle field of the web.