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I do want you to know that it is April 4, 2009 and the only thing that changed that is that the worm Conficker.C code base has changed. Also the servers that the worm connects to are open and not sending data yet so now it will be a waiting game now of what will it do next! This was said on “Security Now” a show hosted by Steve Gibson at This worm is a very crafty viris that is out there now. If you want more info about this virus or how to remove it go to my post at

Conficker Worm PANIC on April 1, 2009.

Remember any computer that is comprimized by a virus, spyware, worm, or any type of mallisious code/program. If you remove it you can never say it is safe again because it was comprimized and remember if you were a hacker would you put a backdoor?