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Jailbroken Device, the Security Problem and the Freedom

The issues these days we have with mobile devices. We want more freedom with our device. We think after you buy it you can do what ever you want to it, wrong! The manufacturers want to protect you from some security issues. If you “Jail Brake” a device you are using an exploit to gain a foot hold within your system. The goal then is to gain full root access, then you can enable software that was banned because of an issue. If the manufacturers usually have an application store to sell or distribute application’s. They are just trying to protect their users or their image, if they put an adult content application it may look badly on the company as an example. I like the idea of free and open applications but I want security also. If you “Jail Brake” a device you may void your warranty and may loose service from the manufacturer. Just like if you “Jail Brake” an iPhone/iPod Touch from a service like they will look at the version and will try to exploit the latest flaw with that version. Issues you will have a flaw on your device and if you patch it you will un-jail brake your device. So it comes down to do you want a more custom device with unauthorized applications and a device that will have a flaw you can not patch and loss of warranty possibly? Websites like this may also leverage them selves in your device, also anyone can try to exploit your device if they so choose It comes down to security over freedom.