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People are always caring about their privacy and security but I see people taking convince over security all the time. If more workout it then forget about it right…WRONG!!! If you go to They are starting a potition to “gathering petition signatures with the request to patch the privacy vulnerabilities of web different web browsers. This petition will be sent to the four major development companies – Mozilla Corp., Apple inc., Microsoft Corp. and Opera Software ASA. Join us for a safe and secure Internet!”.

The big thing I agree with on the site is for vendors of products that everyone uses should talk to the owners of the product and say like on the site. “WE ASK YOU TO RELEASE AN UPDATE OR PATCH FOR YOUR BROWSER THAT WILL REMOVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO OBTAIN THE INFORMATION ABOUT RECENTLY VISITED WEBSITES.” Also to add to stop security holes in the products of other kinds also. That is why I enjoy security!! 🙂


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