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Ok, first of all sorry about not posting for a wile but I am trying to build a sweet NAS and also changing all my PC’s in my network to Linux. (because it is better then Windows in many aspects). I don’t want any postings like “What is linux?”, because I will put some postings in a wile also I don’t want people saying “are you leaving windows to forget about the windows people that still need your help?” I will still help people not just in direct e-mail but in the comments also or on twitter but mostly on the blog. You can follow me on twitter @tysonmax or at My Email is (NO SPAM PLEASE!!!). So anyways I will talk more on my blog if more people link to it! Also I will talk more often I hope because I had many things going on. I will keep this blog upto date on viruses and security news as much as possible and many tips as I can please recomend me to frends and family, tech savy and not. Talk to you all soon!

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