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Do you think your DNS Server is compromise you can do two things.

1.You can check if your DNS Server is OK at a few sites: (This on takes a few times just refresh the page about 5-7 times) (Dan Kaminsky Security Blog) (Steve Gibsons DNS Nameserver Spoofability Test)

2. The way to see if your DNS is good is to see if the port randomization is great if it says “poor” then TELL YOU ISP AND TELL THEM TO PICK UP THE SLACK AND UPDATE IT AND ALSO ITS FREE TO UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of the sites I listed can check if your DNS is good or bad but remember it can spoof DNS so from sites can give you a false positive witch means can lie to you. The way to know for sure is you can make sure you have an https:// at the beginning or your URL which means secure connection witch can’t be spoofed. If your DNS is compromised you can use a service called OpenDNS witch is free and probity a lot faster then your DNS and more secure because the only thing the do is keep their DNS Servers up-to-date always. They have a network of them all across the world witch means it is also more reliable. If one DNS is different than all the rest then it will change back. That is why it is more secure also they are not comprised because all of their DNS Servers were patched on the day it came out. It is faster, more secure, more reliable and the best thing it is FREE!!!!!!!!!! For more info about OpenDNS go to

That is the only advice i can give you to keep your DNS Servers safe and spread the word about this flaw and we might change the way we shop online and feel safer on it too.  Everyone deserves a safer and faster web for half the cost…well we can do the safer and faster for now.

P.S. Open DNS servers isp is and secondary server id just if you want to know.

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